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Roadways Service

BK XPRESS, ensure safe surface freight services through our network of dedicated route vehicles. Our separate segment has redefined roadways logistics in its brief existence so far. It has earned the trust of customers by safely transporting goods to different destinations right from their doorsteps.
A large fleet of vehicles fully equipped to handle carefully, as well as perishable goods, are backed by an integrated system. It means we ensured you that your goods will reach their destinations without any wear and tear. Our prime focus is to sure, we deliver your promises in time at minimum costs.

Airways Service

We offer you the best in quality airways services which facilitate you to send goods by air at fair rates. BK XPRESS, do personal care so that your consignments always reach their destinations in time.
Be it a huge package or a document we make sure that it gets delivered directly from your doorstep. There is a wide range of air freight services that we offer that you can choose from. Our industry expertise and technical support will help you track the shipment on a real-time basis.

Railways Service

BK XPRESS, provide cheap as well as a fast option to deliver your goods. We offer you the opportunity to avail of the best of railway transportation. We have the logistical support to make sure that your shipments are delivered in a most hassle-free manner.
The combination of an easy coordination system that we boast of and wide outreach of railway transport makes it easier. You can, of course, keep tracking your goods till the destination is reached.

Ecom Service

BK XPRESS, acknowledges that for any business meeting the logistical requirements of customers is a top priority. We provide high-quality Ecom facilities so that our clients can be assured of the safe, fast of their goods. Particularly, when goods are in transit.
We offer different types of Ecom services that are custom made for different business requirements. With an elaborate network of Ecom delivery in different parts of India, we ensure proper handling of both exported and imported goods.
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