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About Us


Established in the year 2020, BK Xpress Pvt Ltd. has emerged to be the premium company for domestic and international express logistics services. for countries abroad and india itself, our company has been providing its functions effectively and efficiently.
Apart from providing many domestic and international services, we also offer door to door delivery and pick up as per the client's requirement. We are one of the most experienced companies in this field and have been proving our mettle since we stepped in to this market. When we take care of your courier, you have nothing to fear-your package will be safe with us. .
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Why Choose us?

We, at BK Xpress Pvt Ltd. Choose the best path for your couriers and cargos to reach their destinations in the minimum amount of time
Our vast courier network and quality packaging has marketed our presence not only nationwide, but worldwide. Our qualified staff ensures that your package is safely delivered to its destination.

What We Do?

We provide a variety of domestic & international courier pick up, delivery and warehouse services
  •   Door to Door
  •   Door to Airport
  •   Airport to Door
All of these services ease the client's burden as we take care of everything-form pickup to packaging to drop the packages off. Apart from these services, our numerous packages also help in delivering your courier as fast as you want.
So even if it is an urgent courier, you can trust us to deliver it right on time.

Our Values:

  •   Focus on clients to exceed expectations
  •   Working towards excellence and recognization as the best
  •   Fair work to ensure everyone counts
  •   Teamwork to achieve so much more